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Future talks:

13 Nov 2023  Shaw Prize Laureate Forum, Hong Kong: The origin and evolution of our Milky Way Galaxy

07 Dec 2023  Nanjing University: Advances in understanding our Galaxy through space astrometry

19 Apr  2024  Swindon Star Gazers: Gaia: Advances in our Understanding of the Galaxy

Recent talks:

06 Jul  2023    18th Patras Workshop on Axions, WIMPs, and WISPs: Latest insights on cosmology from Gaia 

04 Jul  2023    Heidelberg Joint Astronomy Colloquium: Advances in astrometry: from Hipparchus to Gaia

13 Jun 2023    Warsaw University: Measuring star positions from space: Hipparcos and Gaia

12 Jun 2023    Toruń University: Measuring star positions from space: Hipparcos and Gaia

25 May 2023   University College Dublin: Measuring star positions: giant strides in understanding the Universe

20 Feb 2023   Copernican Congress, Toruń: Is the Earth flat?

04 Feb 2023   Eastbourne Astronomical Society: Latest results from Gaia

04 Feb 2023   Astrofest, London: Gaia: Mapping our Galaxy from space

02 Dec 2022  Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Society, BRLSI: The Fermi Paradox

01 Oct 2022   Herschel Society: A Celebration of William Herschel: Giant Strides from Herschel to Gaia

04 Aug 2022  JPL, PasadenaGaia: Advances in Our Understanding of the Galaxy

25 July 2022  Sagan Summer Workshop, CaltechExoplanet Science in the Gaia Era

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